Branding - Logo design - Editorial - Packaging - Photography

Driven by my own passions, I like to think of design as a process that creates experiences which inspire life and inspire action. I belive branding is everything that a "customer" sees, feels, and experiences, therefore I want to have an analyzed vision on every aspect of a project before focusing on the main task. Apparently my roots grounded in lifestyle, nature, food, and thats where working with this kind of brands and connecting with their audiences comes natural to me, but I am always eager to get in touch with different fields and widen my horizon.

What I do

Brand Design and Communication
Graphic Design
Photography and editing
Brand strategy
Concept development
Web design

Passionate brand designer - addicted to street & surf culture

My name is Sara, I graduated in Visual Communication and Graphic design at IED - Milano, where I also attended a Master in Brand Design and Communication. After 5 years in the big city I moved back to my hometown, on the shores of Lake Garda, to live connected to my nature and my sports. I now work as freelancer graphic designer, while running my family' businesses with my brothers.
I believe I'm a very passionate person, reason why I aim to merge my greatest passions, for action sports, travelling, nature, and brands, into my job by bringing special characteristics into my professional profile: I am always ready to go beyond my limits by pushing further my comfort zone. I always analyze current situations in order to reach better results and improvement possibilities. Always wanting to look further and thinking about the future, I care about mixing with great balance the aesthetic side with the strategic part of a project, in order to maximize results and optimize resources. I have always been in touch with an international lifestyle, beginning from my roots (finnish mother, half-dutch father) as well of having the opportunity to live abroad, by graduating from a multicultural international master, and from travelling around the World. These aspects have given me a wider mentality in problem solving. Passion, motivation, dedication and responsibility have always been the keys to succeed in every small and big step in my life.